Legends live on in dreams, now it is your chance to join the family and wear a legendary handwoven IKAT made by ethnic fashion designer Liza Yahya and Muhammad Abdat, the IKAT maker. Kanzi prides itself by creating modernized handwoven IKAT garments that will entice any fashion lover.

Each of Kanzi IKAT garment are handwoven in traditional technique, hand dyed and finally hand cut to make the final garment piece.

The handwoven IKAT business started in 2010 as a hobby fashion business by the couple from their home in Jakarta based on the many heritage designs in Indonesia.

From this humble beginning, Kanzi Collection has developed into a quality garment design and production house delivering an array of styles to suit a wide range of fashion enthusiasts with appreciation for quality material, emotionally unique patterns and colors combined with the flowing designs that delivers both elegance and subtle beauty.

Ethnic Inspirations

Hand Loomed

Signature Ikat


In 2016, for the first time Kanzi  produced our own unique design of Ikat fabric utilizing traditional methods and techniques of the Indonesian historical hand woven material and incorporated our unique designs into modern styles for today’s fashion conscious market.

The design was successfully showcased during Indonesian Fashion Week 2017 and gained popularity among Ikat lovers both locally and globally.

Our Retail Outlet

Design Orchard, Singapore

Alun Alun Indonesia, Jakarta

Sarinah Level 2, Jakarta

Galleries Lafayette, Jakarta